Marketing that Works!

How to Make 2011 Your Best Business Year Yet

You may know exactly the kind of things you like to do when it comes to marketing your business, but are you doing them consistently? Often, the only reason that people don’t succeed with marketing is that they don’t have a plan. And those that do realize that they need a plan — and realize that it would benefit them enormously — think it is a too difficult undertaking.

This guidebook is exactly that — a guide — and is designed to help you create a marketing plan, step-by-step. Get it, use it, take massive action to grow your business. (And it’s easier than you think.)

Once you’ve created a plan and actually started using it, I think you’ll wonder why you never made one before.

Click here to Download Your 2011 Marketing Plan Guidebook

You can also access a recording of a teleclass I did in Jan. 2011 that is a companion to the guidebook. Hearing this recording will be a benefit to you, too, but even if you don’t listen to it, get the Guidebook and use it. Click here to get the Replay of How to Have Your Best Business Year Yet

Seasonal Marketing for Online Business

When we think of seasonal marketing, most of us typically think of Black Friday sales at the local mall, or January white sales at Macy’s. In other words: Retail. But if you’re an online business owner, seasonal marketing is just as important for you.

No matter what kind of business you operate, your business undoubtedly has seasonal ebb and flow. Learning to take advantage of the seasons for marketing, whether or not they follow the norm, is the key to maximizing your profits and your advertising dollar returns.

Regardless of your business model, seasonal marketing has a number of benefits, and if you’re not taking advantage of the possibilities, you’re truly missing the boat. This special “Marketing That Works” package includes:

  • Seasonal Marketing for Online Business Guidebook
  • Action Plan
  • Action Workbook
  • Blueprint, and
  • Checklist

to help you make the most of seasonal marketing all year long.

DOWNLOAD YOUR SEASONAL MARKETING PACKAGE HERE. This is a .zip file containing 5 documents. Use and reap the benefits.